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Hip-hop Review /CD Review by Akil, the hiphopscholar
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DJ Slice first began in the music industry back in 1983 where he DJ'd at parties and clubs in Houston, Texas.  In the early 90's, DJ Slice moved back to CALI to continue DJ'ing at various clubs and parties. DJ Slice soon began to do studio work and tour with bands from different genres of music.  In the late 90's, DJ Slice began producing Hip Hop for local artists.  He now professionally produces/engineers/remixes full-time.  Due to working with many genres of music, DJ Slice has a pioneering, adaptable, original sound that meets the needs of ANY artist he works with.  DJ Slice is interested in working with individuals from all genre's of music.  He enjoys a challenge and bringing something different and original to the music.

Any artist interested in working with DJ Slice should contact him at: 213/864-9884 or visit his site:

“DJ Slice” CD Review
 Reviewed by Akil Houston
Got Beats? DJ Slice

The compilation of beats assembled by DJ Slice represents an orchestra of West Coast influenced sound.  Although one can feel echoes of a Dr. Dre production there is a unique flavor that gives the various tracks originality. Since the cd contains just tracks there weren’t any lyrics to also critique.  The tracks as a collective stand as a testament to solid production work, however there were several tracks that really stood out. Tracks 4, 6,7,10 and 12. Track 12 especially was an eargasm with the use of the phone effect, very creative.  Recent popular rap music suggests that beats are everything, even making mediocre to flat out questionable lyricism consumer favorites.

With regard to classroom use the beats don’t necessarily warrant an immediate response, however they are an excellent source for discussing the distinction of west coast production.  The guitar riffs, chimes and melodic slow bass line is a staple of what has become known as “that west coast sound.”

Reviewed by Akil, the hiphopscholar @

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