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"The fourth entry in the Graffiti Verite' series (see review of Graffiti Verite’ {VL - 5/96}covers the basics of becoming a graffiti artist, with instruction by graffiti artist SANO in the techniques of sketching, outlining and fading, highlighting and shadowing, “can” control, 3D effects, and more. Declaring his absolute love of the genre, SANO sketches ideas on a pad while sitting in the sun, and talks about translating his vision onto the wall of somebody else’s property (just kidding!) Actually, SANO demonstrates his considerable artistic gifts on sanctioned al fresco surfaces: a 50-foot long wall at the Venice, California Graffiti Pit, and a canvas in a park.  A far cry from the flamboyant if illegible tags that constitute the bulk of graffiti art in many locales, SANO’s larger work is nonetheless semi-traditional, centered on his name, but with some really nice adjoining elements like a colorful mushroom cloud.  His smaller work is a portrait of Tupac Shakur which, given the black background, looks something like a hip-hop equivalent of an Elvis on black velvet masterpiece, albeit a very artistic one.  Attention to detail and clarity of instruction are plusses here, but no doubt the subject matter will raise issues for some collections, SANO’s obvious talents notwithstanding, since graffiti art is not universally esteemed as desirable public art.  However, as either art instruction or social document this is a worthy addition, and is therefore recommended." 
-Aud: H.C, P.M. (Mike Tribby, contributing reviewer) 
VIDEO LIBRARIAN  (Vol.18 : The Video Review Magazine for Libraries : No. 4)  (Jul / Aug 2003 - Pg 29) THE ARTS 
*** (3 out of 4 Stars) (2003) 68 min. VHS: $33.95. Bryan World Productions. PPR. Color Cover.


"The term graffiti brings to mind vandals spraying subway walls with four-letter words.  Viewers may be surprised to learn that not only is this a legitimate art form, but there are contests (the narrator is the two-time winner of the International Graffiti Art Competition), legal graffiti walls (one in Los Angeles is shown), and a variety of techniques and procedures used to produce top quality aerosol art.  A bit different from the earlier videos in this series which showcased multiple artists, this one features SANO, an articulate young artist who explains his process and discusses the inspiration behind his art.


He credits such diverse influences as da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rubens, Duchamp, and Japanese animation as well as music - reggae, traditional, and hip-hop - and social and political forces.  The video shows SANO in action from the conception of an idea to the final execution of his design.  It is interesting to note that he begins by roughing out ideas in a sketchbook.  Then he covers previous wall graffiti with a paint roller (buffing the wall), but allows the colors underneath to bleed through his base coat.  After donning a paint mask, he sprays in outline and guidelines, then paints the design using several different techniques and explains how to regulate the flow of the spray.  Once the mural is complete, he offers ideas for using aerosol art on canvas and demonstrates its fine art potential by creating a realistic portrait in black and white.  An unusual take on an often maligned art form, this video will inspire art students." 
 - Lauri Edwards, Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, PA 
SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL July 2003 Issue / Multimedia Review 

"The world is a canvas and I'm expressing my thoughts on your walls! "

I recently had the opportunity to peep out Graffiti Verite Volume 4, a 67 minute documentary on the art commonly referred to as graffiti.

A well laid out movie starts out with  two time winner of the International Graffiti Art Competition SANO

writing some of his ideas in his book and explaining to us how you start with the concept of your piece and doing a ruff outline of it.

What looks like a early morning venture, he walks us down to the beautiful beaches of what seems like Venice beach. What I like about the movie is that they're not trying to come with fancy concepts, but just plain down to earth filming with Sano, the perfect teacher.


Local graf heads should peep this video out as its very helpful if you're just starting out. His first showcase was the walls on the beachfront that firstly needed to be cleaned.  He started with the outline, explaining why he chose certain colours.

The SANO letters started taking shape and what seemed simple, became very complex.

SANO gave us a broad overview of shaping letters, fill-in techniques, and loads of other techniques that could be helpful in creating the next Michelangelo or even Sano, as a matter of fact. After what seemed more than a days work his piece was done and he went into explaining the whole concept behind it. The striking part for me was when he explained the bombing part on his piece.

SANO is part Black and part Asian and said it was a dedication to his people that was killed in the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan.


I was convinced that Cleveland, Ohio has more to it than just Bone Thugs and Harmony. SANO's final piece was one that he was going to do on a canvas. It was of the late legendary rapper Tupac (2pac Shakur) created solely with black and white spraypaint.

I was convinced that this guy was a genius! I would like to convince all lecturers of art classes to get a copy of this for their students,

as it's truly a great addition to have for your video library, alongside other such greats as Wildstyle.


Award-winning filmmaker Bob Bryan truly captured every moment with such precision. If mics could be given to this video

I would give it 5. Get ya MasterCard out and order this. 
 - By Rush, South Africa 


 The greatest compliment that one can give an artist is to remark about the level of inspiration that has been derived by their body of work.  I will start my review of GV4 by saying that since viewing the film over a week ago I have been moved to create no less than one new piece each day.  At no point in my life can I claim the title of  “writer”, the closest I come to personal affiliation with this element is being commissioned to create graffiti nameplates for my friend’s college dorm rooms.  I have though put in some work and it has been three years since I graduated from freedom and entered into corporate indentured servitude.  In that time I have been completely abstained from any sort of graphics.  To bring solace to my dissertation here…its been a minute since I did a piece so props are due.

 SANO and Bob Bryan should both be commended for taking the time to demonstrate the at times forgotten art of graf. 


 In today’s multimedia distraction heralded by the MTV’s, Clear Channels, and popular press the art of graffiti is often misrepresented and the culture of hip hop suffers.   SANO’s step by step passage through the mindset and execution of the “burner” is on point, as it should be coming from such an accomplished artist.  From the importance of pre-sketching, to color selection, to cap sizes, to grip styles, and flaring the essence is captured and presented so you feel like you are a part of the project.  I grinned in hearing of SANO’s influences finding they are as close to home as other writers but, as far reaching as Japanese cartoonists and contemporary legends.  This is an important bit for all the ignorant “hip hop breeds trouble” types to hear. In short I get the feeling that viewers will be sub consciously scouting railyards and bridges for possible canvases.  The effects of films like these can aid in starting movements of right thinking and positivity.  Thanks for the hard work.  Peace.  

-TimmyGrins   Elements TV Tuesday nights 8-9pm ch. 5



While the Graffiti Verite' series is not easily accessible to people in our part of the  world, GV4 somehow found it's way to the Out4Fame reviewing desk. Unlike other  documentaries centered around Graffiti such as StyleWars, GV4 does not educate the general public about the culture of Graffiti but instead provides an insight into the process of creating graffiti art, as demonstrated by LA Graf artist SANO. This demonstration is divided into two parts, the first being the creation of a large scale semi-wild style piece at a legal wall in Venice beach. The viewer is taken through the process from start to finishbeginning with the artist sketch.  Can control, choices of colour and the thought process behind the concept for the piece are all covered as well as everything in between.


The second part of GV4 is a demostration of aerosol art on canvas where SANO creates a portrait of Tupac using only flat black and flat white. For the long-tern writer this video prbably won't shed much new light on the techniques of painting but I'd highly recommend this to any new comers out there wanting to polish their skills and take their painting to another level. 
Hip-Hop and street culture magazine



 ".....Just got finished watching the tape.  It looks great, very captivating.  SANO is insano, if you know what I mean?  He's very talented and made it look so easy.  The film was not long and drawn out, and SANO was not only fun to watch, but he's great at verbalizing while painting......   I can't wait to play it for my friends.  If I was an art teacher, I would use this in my class." 
-DJ FACE/The Arkitek


"SANO definitely took his audience to school on this film. Not only did he walk the viewer through many aspects of art theory, he would've made allot of the old school Cleveland writers real proud by being so honest about his influences. Both pieces he did on the tape put my 10 year-old son, who is an aspiring artist, in total awe. Since watching GV4, I've been sketching out wild style letters and tagging on nearly any blank piece of paper I can find, which is something I haven't been motivated to do in over 10 years. He made me feel it again, you know?GV4 is a solid documentary, no doubt." 


"I just watched the tape yesterday with some of my friends. The video is packed with great information about graffiti...SANO is a very talented artist, and he did an effective job in articulating upon both the technical and more artsy/metaphysical aspects of graffiti art... Overall this was a good video, my friends and I enjoyed it and were most impressed by the visual and musical artwork it contained." 


"Wow what can I say?  Over the years I think I've seen all the Graffiti Videos out there and hands down this is the first Documentary that I feel really showed me something!  Not only is SANO humble and informed, but he is also an incredible Artist! With his steady and clear instruction I was able to understand what it takes to create a serious Graffiti Art piece using  Aerosol Paint. It ain't easy, I can tell you that!! Although not a Graffiti Artist myself , I've always been curious about the process that the Artist must go through.  Now I know! I respect Mr. Bryan for having the vision to offer up this impressive How-to-do video. I can't wait to apply these new techniques on my backyard wall and later on Canvas for my students in my Art classroom." 
-A. Davio / Art Instructor


"GV4 is the ultimate toy tutorial, for anyone looking to walk,  way before they can crawl in the graff game." 
-kom!k, Las Vegas


“I thought it was great!...SANO knew exactly what he was talking about. Any "writer" would agree he knows the rules and the way real Graff should be. The part about  burners going over pieces, and pieces going over throw ups, and throw ups going over tags, was right on the money. He has good can control, and was able to explain exactly what he was doing, every step of the way. I've always been one to be against sharing our last untapped art form, with the public, for fear it would be diluted and it's origins forgotten. But I think videos like this give it the respect it deserves, before it's looked at as just another hip culture wagon to jump on.


It's always been hard to explain to people how deep Graff really is. For years it was laughed at by Art Institutes, and scorned by the police and the inner city community. But in the last 8 or so years there seems to have been a change in the way many folks view Graff, mainly because the corporate world saw another way to get the attention of the youth. None the less, I, as a longtime Graff Artist and Hip hop purist, truly appreciate the work you've done here. Soldiers like Bob Bryan help maintain our culture's respect.” 
More peace,

"Be very selective of your heroes" 
~Crush One


 “GV4 was definitely well put together. My man SANO is an Artist & he appreciated it, so that must be a good thing!.Good stuff!!

Keep up the good work...” 
-Swift Roc, CEO-Suicidal Soundz


GV4 is Awesome ! My students (8th grade) are totally inspired by it.  I’d like a copy of the original Graffiti Verite’.” 
-Melissa Trujillo, 8th Grade Art Teacher


" I've been interested in street art for years, but growing up in an area with draconian anti-graffiti laws, knowledge of this art-form has been elusive.  Imitating the style on paper has been easy, but the actual aerosol techniques are not.  Now, finally... someone has shared their knowledge with me, and I am more complete for it.  SANO is truly a master at his art form, and it is a pleasure to watch him work his craft." 
-Cliff - Anchorage, Alaska.


 "GV4 is a great video for beginners like myself who have no knowlege of the art or where to begin. I really like it and cant wait for summer to start. It is exactly what I wanted in a video. Sano really explains things well and shows the steps in detail." 
-Adam G, Miami Fl.


" Dope video, a great piece of a collection for all hip hop and graffiti headz... " 
-Janina L, Chicago, IL


 " I enjoyed GV4 the most of the entire collection.  I appreciated the fact that you chose an artist who is very talented and has the eloquence to explain his creative technique very thoroughly minus the bravado. Anyone who is interested in learning the basic aspects of aerosol art should purchase GV4.  SANO is an artist of depth." 
-Best regards,  James Stone


 "GOT THE TAPE!  IT ROCKS!!  Nothing less than the stellar quality we've come to expect.  It's my favorite of the series, hands down.  Can't wait to rap with you about it." 
-Geoffry Donne, Los Angeles, CA


 “The video is a thorough composition. You almost forget the fact that it's instructional. Heads should enjoy it.” 


“Bob, I just wanted to write a quick e-mail to say thanks for including Big Pimp Jones' music in GV4. I have watched the movie a few times, and it's great! I always enjoy listening to people speak who know a lot about the subject they're talking on, and SANO is one of those people - what skills!  Anyway, keep on doing what you're doing, and congratulations on a great video.” 
-Keep the funk,  Keith, Big Pimp Jones


"The “GV” of the title stands for Graffiti Verité, Bob Bryan’s eye-popping endeavor to document the world of aerosol art. On his website, GraffitiVerité.com, Bryan quotes from Bertolt Brecht: “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” Through Bryan’s GV series of instructional videotapes, the outsider can glimpse a part of this shaping which is commonly dismissed and (in some cases erroneously) regarded as vandalism. Bryan’s subject in GV4 is the spray can artist SANO (at work in the photo to the right and below), who points out that the concrete he works on here is indeed legal. The Graffiti Pit walls in Venice, California, are approximately sixty feet long by six feet high, and are open for community expression.


In a three-part format -- preliminary sketch, painting the wall, and painting on canvas -- the film balances tutorial with cultural observation, becoming a miniature portrait of SANO in the process. “Aerosol art saved my life,” he reveals. “It gave me a foundation and a focus.” Explaining technique, can control, detailing, and embracing Wild Style as “a new form of communication,” SANO’s an engaging personality driven by an infectious enthusiasm.


He creates two pieces in GV4. The sixty-foot mural links his signature with images that flow from atomic devastation to hints of erotica. While it echoes his many influences (spanning from Leonardo to anime), the work emerges as a vibrant personal offering. Graffiti is character and declaration bared for the masses. SANO exposes himself through a burst of imagination and color, and delivers it to the urban environment. That the piece is completed in one day -- and can be instantly eliminated in the sweep of a wet paint roller -- stresses its immediacy. On a much smaller scale, SANO’s portrait of Tupac Shakur is beautifully rendered, using black and white spray paint on canvas. Although lacking the range of the mural, it’s far more intimate, and the evolution through shaping and outline becomes a quietly mesmerizing procedure. Making excellent use of background music, GV4 has extended end credits for audio samples and information on all the songs used -- a thoughtful and welcome feature. Bob Bryan is an unobtrusive filmmaker whose images and editing flow peacefully. He arranges facets of SANO -- philosophy, style, and humor -- with warmth and precision, welcoming those unfamiliar with his art. Following three earlier Graffiti Verité videos, and future volumes likely, Bryan is preserving statements and beauty that most people pass on the street without notice. Hopefully, our eyes may soon comprehend this art which is so freely given. " 
-Ray Young, Flickhead 


 “Bob, I just got to sit down and see it (GV4) on Sunday night. It was great. I really enjoyed it! At my site I get allot of mail each month from University Students, Professors, young Graff heads, fine artists, housewives and people from all walks of life, asking questions regarding the creative process and the technical aspects of creating a piece. Now I will refer them directly to GV4. It will be a great resource. It was great that in addition to being a talented artist, SANO is also very articulate. You did a great job of capturing the man and his art.”

“This is the fourth film in the Graffiti Verite’ series by Los Angeles based director Bob Bryan. Bryan documents the process of a single artist creating a work of art. Bryan reveals Ohio artist SANO's step-by- step creative and technical processes from concept and sketch through completed art work. What also emerges from the film is an intimate portrait of  SANO as an artist.  This film is an essential resource for educators, students, artists and anyone who has been curious about the technical process of creating graffiti art paintings.” 
-ERIC aka DEAL CIA   @149st Web Master


 “Two-time winner of the International Graffiti Art Competition "SANO" teaches you the basics of the Graffiti Art Form. The GV4 Graffiti video presented by moviemaker Bob Bryan gives you a refreshing insight to the Underground Art Form.

SANO guides you patiently through both the basic and the more complex spray techniques for both walls and canvases.

The video starts out with SANO making a ruff sketch and presenting his ideas for the wall piece.

He brings you with him on an enjoyable artistic journey while teaching important spray techniques and making examples.

SANO takes his ideas from his ruff sketch book to the wall by Pre Sketching and making Technical Design Considerations and

continues by doing detail work with Spray Cans, making 3D effects, adding shadows,

shaping up of letters and finally reviewing the entire production.

SANO then begins on a Canvas Project. He starts out by showing how to prepare the canvas, and then from using a black and white picture of 2pac Shakur he creates a portrait using only black and white spray paint. The Photo Realism Techniques is presented in an

easy-to-understand way that makes you want to learn. One of the best things about this film is that it presents the art form

with the artists own words.” 
-Mike Coates 
www.c a z a w a . b i z 
Oslo, Norway 
The Online Music Business & Entertainment Network 


“The video was definitely worth watching. It was dope how you showed how SANO developed his piece from the idea all the way to how it came out in the end. It was cool seeing all the effort that goes into making a mural such as the one that Sano made.

It even made me start to try to sketch my own graffiti.” 
-James L. Frye


 “Regarding GV4, I liked it allot.  It was timely that an instructional tape would be produced not only to instruct but inform viewers of the broad range of issues involved with doing a production. SANO is a really talented artist and he gave a good mention of artistic influences which reflect well on the tape, because it offers potential artists an opportunity to broaden their scope of creative influences.

The irony is of course where you shot it. I thought that spot was hot and could no longer be used.

We are in a time where writers share more of their resources and talents more openly; that open tutelage was the essence of subway graffiti back in the day. Now with so many spray can brands, tips, styles and reasons to write your name on the wall,

your tape provides still another resource for writers to learn from. Props to you and SANO.” 
-Mare 139 (Graffiti Artist and Designer of the BET Awards) 
Writer / Field Producer, StyleWars DVD


“Extremely cool video, beautiful sunsets ..... but the kid is good !  It looked average; until the end, when it came to life. 

 The film itself was grand, hands down!  Thanx for the opportunity to view this masterpiece.” 
-Danger59, NYC


”One can watch the instructional video Graffiti Verite’ 4, featuring award-winning graffito SANO, completely guilty-free.  That’s because SANO and video director Bob Bryan have ensured that this is a nice, entirely-within-the-confines-of-the-law production.

The video begins with SANO delivering the voice over, 

“I can’t even tell you what I’d be doing outside of aerosol art.  Aerosol art saved my life.  It gave me a foundation and a focus.”

Cut to SANO carefully plotting out on paper his next mural, which is then painted on a legal graffiti yard in Venice, CA. 

SANO discusses graffiti etiquette as he paints over the existing graffiti, and he wears an industrial respirator mask as he works. 

In the second half of the video, SANO uses spray paint to create a portrait of  Tupac Shakur on canvas. It’s a pretty good likeness.


The educational value of GV4 is high. Not only does SANO teach the technical aspects of graffiti art (can control, highlights, shadowing, different uses of can tips, etc.), but he also discusses the cultural significance of certain types of graffiti and explains such lingo as “piece” and “wildstyle.”  Sano represents himself well verbally.

As the title might indicate, this is the fourth installment in Bob Bryan’s Graffiti Verite’ video series. 
-NoHo LA Magazine, Los Angeles CA


“ You know graffiti art has hit the mainstream when you go over to your mom's to use her VCR, pop in a graffiti instructional video, and she's just as keen to learn spray-can techniques as you are. "Shove over," says my mom, settling onto the couch beside me, "this looks interesting." Watching Bob Bryan's DV-shot production isn't going to turn you into a master of graffiti art, but it's not supposed to.

There's enough info in here about conceptualizing your piece, detailing techniques, using different caps, can control,

colour fades and more to get you started.

Bob Bryan follows two-time International Graffiti Art Competition winner SANO as he quickly takes you through every step of the process, both on a large wall and on canvas. In the end, what I learned (especially watching him create his portrait of Tupac) was, 

"Holy sh*t that looks hard." 

But SANO's understated charisma carries the film, and if you want to be inspired by a master at work, this movie's unbeatable. Plus you get to hear your mom shriek, "Damn! Oh no, he didn’t!" which is worth the price any day. Loved the vid... ” 


"Bob, I received message re: Grafitti Verite’ video. Ironically, I have 2 copies of the video I'd ordered last year. It's one video I show my art students when we are doing social statements and we have active discussions. Yesterday I was showing the video during the last day of class, at student requests. You would have grinned...a number of students were swaying and grooving to the music, just riveted. Thanks for such a nice video." 
-Joi Hosker, Art Instructor 
Stanton College Preparatory    Jacksonville, Florida


I've been into graffiti since the seventh grade. I don't know what it was that caught my attention about graffiti but I remembered watching my friend Andre throwing up a quick tag on the desk in art class and I was hooked. I admired his hand style and spend hours trying to develop my own. I however stopped tagging and drawing for years which

I regret now because I see all my peers that I used to draw with passing me up with there skills and becoming dope artist.

Competition is always there and I can't have my pupils become my masters, ha ha its all good.

It wasn't till recently that I started expressing myself again with music and art but this time instead of messing with paint markers

and bullsh*t tags on walls that were gonna get buffed anyway I decided to pick up a spray can and hit up the canvas. I had never tried spray painting anything other then model cars  before but always admired the wild styles I saw throughout the years on the sides of the freeways. So like any other person that wants to master anything I decided to listen to the masters.

Then I picked up the GV1 and GV4 videos. They were excellent. GV1 showed some dope Los Angeles area writers and their different views towards graf which was really insightful because graf art encompasses all races and walks of life.


He is very precise in the way he presents his views, speech and art work. Most people think graf artist are just ignorant vandals,

SANO is the voice for all of us intelligent artist out there who are sick of being stereotyped.

Thank you SANO and thank you Bob Bryan for having the balls to make this dope video.   Peace out 
-Paul Alcaraz 
Space Division, Design Company 


GRAFFITI VERITE' READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL  is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV3 A VOYAGE INTO THE ICONOGRAPHY OF GRAFFITI ART is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV4 BASIC TECHNIQUES FOR CREATING GRAFFITI ART ON WALLS & CANVAS is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV7 RANDOM URBAN STATIC is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV8 THE FIFTH ELEMENT: The Art of the Beat-Boxer is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV9 SOULFUL WAYS: The DJ is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment  is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV11 Don't Believe da Noize! Voices from da Hip-Hop Undaground is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV2 FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION? is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV6 THE ODYSSEY: Poets, Passion & Poetry is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.


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