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Hip-hop Review /Book Review by Cristina Melendez
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TURNTABLE TIMMY:  Award Winning Children’s Book Author Michael Perry Releases “Turntable Timmy” feat. DJ QBert for the Hip Hop Generation and their Children

San Francisco, CA. Free Will Press is proud to announce the release of Turntable Timmy, written by Award winning children’s book author Michael Perry and legendary artist Doug Cunningham. Included with the book is a rap along CD with scratching by world-renowned turntablist DJ Qbert. It is the first-ever children’s book to incorporate the four pillars of Hip-Hop culture (dj‘ing, rapping, b-boy‘ing, and graf). Turntable Timmy answers the call for teachers and parents alike for books written in a Hip Hop format. “In 2002 urban youth, regardless of race have no frame of reference for ’Spot, Jane and Dick’ “ says author Michael Perry. Turntable Timmy speaks to them in a language and visual medium they understand and embrace as their own.

Turntable Timmy is the story of a boy determined to Hip-Hop his way into becoming the world’s youngest turntable Deejay champion. He realizes, in order to achieve his dream he must first… "Puts in work, day and night, practice makes perfect, gotta get it right. Hard work and dedication— perfection takes practice, now he’s quick like a fox, sharp as a cactus."

Book Review
 Written by Cristina Melendez

Turntable Timmy written by the award winning children’s book author Michael Perry brings a new twist to teaching the values of determination, dedication and perseverance. Turntable Timmy tells the story of an 8 year old boy who dreams of becoming a great deejay and achieves his dream after much work.

Teachers and parents need to use this book and maximize on the existing teachable moment. Teaching the abstract values of determination, dedication and perseverance are difficult to do in the short time allotted in the classroom. Teachers and parents are consistently left with little if any time in the day to transfer and bring awareness to these core values of success. Here are some of the lesson Turntable Timmy can assist you with in your classroom.

1. Read Aloud

Well there is always the culturally relevant read aloud that at times is missing from our libraries. Students will be able to directly connect with Timmy because of his high fashion jeans and sweatshirt allowing them to remain focused.

2. Poetry

The book is written as a rap. It proves to be an excellent way to demonstrate rhyme and rhythm to students. Students will likely pick up this lesson rather quickly if you use this book as an example.

3. Figurative Language

This is a difficult concept for students to understand particularly those whose English is not the first language. Unfortunately, the English language has filled its vernacular with endless forms of figurative language, from idioms to similes and metaphors, which if one lacks this knowledge it can be the cause of a huge set back to language acquisition. Therefore, another activity that this book could be utilized for is to ask students to identify the similes, metaphors and the use of idioms. It is easier to explain an abstract concept such as figurative language in context.

4. Art

The illustrations are unique and relevant to the art students are exposed to in urban settings. Their uniqueness and the fact that Timmy is purple could bring up conversations/discussion of diversity and self-esteem.

5. Listening Center for Struggling Readers

The author has included a CD which contains a read aloud of the book. Struggling readers and those learning English as a Second Language benefit from listening centers. At these centers they are able to revisit the book without teacher’s assistance. This allows them to raise their self esteem, learn sight words, and make word sound recognitions. Also the CD brings a bonus music track! Think of all the instruments you can hear!

This one book can provide all these options and more. Ideally I recommend this book to elementary school students grades K-4. Turntable Timmy is a great resource for teachers and students in urban settings. A rare and hot commodity!

----Cristina Melendez

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