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Hip-hop Review /Movie Review by Scott Woods
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THE FREQUENCY: "The Five Percenters...They Exist!" a film by glenn towery
Ray Mercy a middle aged African American male has been suffering with severe migraine headaches for the last 6 months. The migraines are always accompanied by a high-pitched frequency sound that seems to make them even more painful. He has been to scores of traditional doctors; none have been able to cure him.
His fiancé’ Shante’, fearing that Ray is desperate enough to take his own life, insists that he tries a non-traditional Metaphysician named Fayabo. Although Ray does not want to go he relents and Fayabo is able to cure him almost immediately, however the cure brings strange powers to Ray that he cannot explain, which casts him into another type of confusion until he learns the true source of all his power.

Movie Review Below
by Scott Woods

“The Frequency” Movie Review
 Reviewed by Scott Woods
THE FREQUENCY (film, 1996)
Written and directed by Glenn Towery
Ultimate Power Production

As a treatise on the culture and religiosity of Five Percenters, The Frequency fails on almost every educable level.  There are no guides to uncovering what being a Five Percenter means, no scripture references, no history of the movement, no insight into what the life of a Five Percenter looks like (save walking the streets in African garb), and no compare and contrast to Islam...the religion most associated with Five Percenters.  In fact, if there is a religion being touted as true and enlightening here, it is Christianity.  With its recurring crucifixion imagery, calls for "The Messiah" and its "Last Temptation of Christ" - informed / doubt-riddled lead, this film comes off as a commercial for Blair Underwood’s 1992 film "The Second Coming"...not as an insightful look into the world of Five Percenters.

And while one could argue that by showing Ray Mercy (a textbook example of a name as blatant foreshadowing if ever there were one) walking the streets, reading minds and healing people as a manifestation of, say, the divine nature of the black man who is Allah – a tenet of the religion – there is nothing in the movie to support this claim over any other Africanized religion, or the one it seems most comfortable with: Christianity.  It could have just as easily been a movie about Hebrew Israelites, it is so devoid of a specifically Five Percenter educational element.  That you don’t even hear a direct reference to Five Percenter culture until the film is almost over doesn’t help matters; it mostly comes off as a deus ex machina.

As an attempt to engage people in discussion about what Five Percenters are, what the culture looks like and how it can be achieved, this film doesn’t come close.  You can get more information from an old Busta Rhymes interview on the matter than from this film.

Review by Scott Woods

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to the Scott Woods Review
"The Frequency: The Movie"
by filmmaker Glenn Towery


I heard from Dr. Joyce Young and she wishes for her statement to be shared with the world if you so deem it as something you would like to post on your website. The following is my in-depth answer to Scott Woods review of The Frequency:

“This is an important film that should be seen by everyone who yearns to be free”.
Bob Bryan, Filmmaker

It was fate that selected Scott Woods to be the one to review my project The Frequency and I thank God that it was I who was selected to participate in this great experiment with him. A lesser artist might have had their spirit totally and utterly destroyed by a review of the likes that he gave me and my project, but I am a seasoned professional and I think that is why it was given me the task to undergo the full brunt of his statements and ill intended words. To be certain that I am sure this site is to be a learning environment. I submit that I have learned that Scott Woods appraisal of The Frequency is more of a statement of who he is as a person than who I am as an artist and the true nature and quality of the work inherent in The Frequency.

A learning environment, which is what Bob intended with the creation of this site, is not potent when “ridicule” becomes a part of the equation.  Are we to say now that we are inviting young minds to become a part of this process by openly sharing their creative offerings so that someone can ridicule their work in an open public forum. This is an invitation many will pass on in the future if it is not dealt with today. It is not alright to ridicule anyone in a public arena and therefore I want you to know that I am not attempting to turn the tables on Scott Woods and openly ridicule him for my review but it is important that we have an understanding if this site is to prosper and grow. If people are to learn and to share we must create an environment that invites not perils. In every project there is at minimum at least some positive aspect, in his review of The Frequency Scott Woods seemed unable to find anything positive at all. I feel for the brother because to view this project and find no merit at all is to be likened to being color blind and studying a stunning colorful work of art, you’ll never get it.

Scott’s first claim is that the film is not an explanation of what a FIVE-PERCENTER is. He goes on to say that you could learn more about being a FIVE-PERCENTER by listening to an old Busta Rhymes interview.

The story of THE FREQUENCY, as I presented was never intended to “explain” what a FIVE-PERCENTER is in a documentary or dictionary explanatory form. My intent was to make my audience go out and seek answers themselves after viewing the film. That is why I chose the setups and ploys that I used that are designed to pull the audience into the story and transport them, with Ray Mercy, into a world that is unknown, mysterious, frightful, full of seeming peril and eventual power from knowledge. The film speaks for itself in that regard and I have not received any comments from anyone as it regards the suspense inherent in The Frequency.

The other charge Scott Woods makes in his semi detailed yet well worded review is that there is no mention of the Muslim connection to the FIVE-PERCENTER movement. I will answer this two fold. First, in my telling of this story it is at the “end” of the film Ray even discovers that he is a FIVE-PERCENTER. There is no time for the telling of the whereabouts of the roots of the movement at the end of the story. It represents new knowledge for Ray to ascertain and it in so doing dangles the opportunity for the audience to find out more about FIVE-PERCENTER’s by asking questions or perhaps visiting a website which are numerous and resplendent with FIVE-PERCENTERS offering their “own explanation” of who they are and what they are about.

The name Ray mercy is a metaphor and there is nothing shameful as it regards it’s usage. Through time eternal writers have used metaphorical references to characters places and things in the stories they have woven. I chose two metaphors in The Frequency. “Ray Mercy” translated to mean (little light of hope) is just that in the film. He is a little light of hope that begins to grow. It is intended to say to the audience All you need is a little faith, the faith of a mustard seed to see you through. The second was the character of Lymeric. A Lymeric (limerick) is a poem that has a very defined structure. In other words you can be a poem but you cannot be a limerick without that certain structure. This character is my attempt to say to the viewer you must have a different structure to find this power but don’t fear, you too can become a limerick, and there are others in the world, though complex, structured just like you. There is a place for each and every one of us to realize we are different and find the power within..

What is at that center of this film, its heart? A man reaching self actualization. Complete self actualization spiritually and on a physical plane. Not only reaching self actualization but becoming able to spread that self actualization to others who become poised to become just as powerful. Which leads me to the last and as far as I am concerned the most fascinating element of Scott Woods review. It is the part that I most disagree with him about.

He goes on here to characterize the end result as a ”deus a machina” which is a term that means to present a “God of the machine”, which is one of the worst implications a reviewer can place on any film. This was the capstone, the here lies The Frequency part of his review. His opinion here is curious to me. Has Scott no knowledge of real story, not his-story. In the days of the Roman empire they would roll out this mechanical God for all to worship and be submissive and be servant to. In The Frequency it is different. There is no mechanical offering that comes to power but a man, and not only that, he brings others to power with him, seemingly all around him. The power is described as universal. Nothing mechanical about that.

In closing I would like to say that I chose to tell this story from a Christian point of view because so many people of African descent, including myself have that as their first reference point as it regards religion. In that regard many are introduced to other religious teachings later in life. It was not my intention to say that a FIVE-PERCENTER holds Christian ethics and beliefs, merely to say that the road to true knowledge of self for most African Americans starts from a Christian background from which they grow and sometimes evolve into other things and religious experiences. Therefore I started the character “Ray Mercy” from that religious perspective. For me the cornerstone of Christ’s message is in the book (Bible) and often overlooked. It is not in his death that the real power lies but in his life and instructions. Think about all the things Christ was purported to have done in his lifetime, the many miracles he performed, the lives he changed forever and then hear these words which he said and Ray repeats several times to the audience in The Frequency . “These things I do, so can ye’ also.”

(Insert Dr. Joyce Young’s Review)

Hi Glenn,

"Knowledge is so powerful, if we take the time to really know who we are we would enjoy this movie, The Frequency.  Knowing our history will help us understand who we are.  Ray could have avoided his suffering and pain if he had known who he was and his power.  I enjoyed it and I was entertained by it.  The story was very interesting because it helps one to go inside self to see who am I and why am I here.  It kept my attention and I had to play it two times to really get it, it is an excellent movie and I got my money's worth.

Glenn, I do have one negative view, I did not like the white Jesus on the cross, my Jesus is black. (Smile)  Glenn, continue to write and produce films, more of us will catch on later, when we know how powerful we are as Kings and Queens, we are the universe.
May Your Creator continue to bless you in health, prosperity and your craft."
--Dr. Joyce, N.D.
Dr. Young is a Naturopathy Doctor, Iridologist,
Nutritionist, and author of the life-changing book From Joyce's Kitchen


(Dr. Joyce-If you look closely at your DVD you will discover that the “Christ” person in the picture is actually Black. Thank you for your time and efforts on behalf of  The Frequency and your candid opinion.)



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Bob, please convey my thanks to Scott as it regards the review. It is a humbling experience that never the less I shall cherish as a learning experience. Although he was basically brutal in his well stated review of the project, perhaps I deserve it for the attempt. Had I not have attached the Five-Percenter aspect to this film perhaps it would stand more significantly as a project more worthy in his reasoning.

I, however am undaunted as a filmmaker. I am moving on in an effort to continue to grow as an artist and a concerned citizen of the planet. If nothing else, perhaps this small film may someday become a good starting point to discuss what a Five-Percenter “is not.” Let the reviewer know that the film was advertised for free by G.Kalim, editor and chief of the FIVE PERCENTER newspaper located in New York after he viewed the content of the film and found enough relevancy in the project to promote it in his news paper which goes out to “Five-Percenters” from around the world.

I am readying for the release of my next project Million Man March. Long Live The Spirit.

God bless and thanks again.


Glenn  Towery, Filmmaker
The Frequency

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