BWP Press, Hollywood CA -- The most critically reviewed indie-produced Hip-Hop Documentary Series in America is "Celebrating!" the simultaneous release of Four (4) Brand New Hip-Hop Documentaries GV8-GV11.  Recipient of The National Educational Media "Gold Apple," Telly, Indie Fest, Platinum EMPixx Awards and multiple CINE Golden Eagles , the producers of the GV Series are proud to have been Awarded over 176 Prestigious Award and Festival Honors since 1995.  Touted as the thinking person's educational Documentary guide to undaground Hip-Hop, the GV DOcu-Series is Executive Produced and Directed by indie-filmmaker Bob Bryan.  Mr Bryan has earned special recognition and respect amongst his industry peers and educators as a pioneer in revealing the raw integrity and intellectual thought-process behind Undaground Hip-Hop practitioners.


"There is so much more to Hip-Hop than the stereotypical "Gangsta-ism, Bling-Bling focus" and the insulting overt

fetish-like glamorization of "Big Booties"  which unfortunately as an media image (in many consumers minds)

has become emblematic of what commercial Hip-Hop is all about," says Bob Bryan


If the truth be told, besides it being a real sub-culture, which consists at least 5 specific elements (Beat-Boxing, Hip-Hop Dance, The Emcee, The DJ, Graffiti Art). Hip-Hop is a huge communication paradigm that enables and encourages a free-flowing multi-intelligence model, allowing artists with various talents to express themselves freely, in a socially constructive & dynamically positive way. 


"Gives an amazing view of the appreciation of Hip-Hop culture."

   --- Angie "Hip-hop Angel" Griffin, Temple of Hip-Hop, Universal Zulu Nation


GV8 The Fifth Element: The Art of the Beat-Boxer is both documentary and tutorial.  Learn the basic techniques to developing your Beat-Boxing skills.


Beat-Boxing is the under-appreciated Fifth Element in the Hip-Hop movement. Let there be no doubts about it!  "Beat-boxing is a form of vocal percussion which primarily involves the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue and voice. It may also involve singing, vocal imitation of turntablism, the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments. "---Wikipedia. Org

GV8 Press Release page 

"Definitely Dope. Surprising !" A rare peek inside an intimate conversation with established

beat-boxing artists."

---Chesney Snow, Co-Founder of the World Beatbox Association


"I really liked the pure essence of what beat-boxin' is and how they broke-it-down."

---Dubb Ro, Dubbaffliation



"I don't know about you, but from where I sit  the machinations of what a DJ actually does behind the "wheels" are downright fascinating. Consider the superior manual dexterity that is required to manipulate faders, switchers, equalizers, turntables (usually 2) all seemingly near simultaneous in their execution, in order to create a beat! Imagine?


Watching those fingers move, tweak, manipulate, skratch, push, slide and reverse actions are a sight-to-behold.  The counter-intelligence at play here is awe-inspiring and unique.  The ability to create a sound and move hundreds sometimes thousands of people to move rhymatically  is Genius, yes Genius!

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"If  "SCRATCH: The Movie" mimicked the live cuts on records by rewinding images

and replaying key elements of an interview, GV9: The DJ takes the reference to a whole new level."

---Allan Baldwin, Writer


"SOULFUL WAYS gives a mind, body and soul breakdown of what the DJ is all about."

---Dj Berg Beauge



GV9 is a film that truly captivates the unadulterated essence of what it means to be  DJ,

the skills needed, the magical creative process and the passion that goes into being the best."

-- Timothy Classik Muzique, Dj



It's all here!... GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE is an engaging documentary (from multi award-winning filmmaker Bob Bryan) that personalizes the Hip-Hop dance experience for those artists who "live it" to those of us who "receive it".  This specific and complex text, this living, dynamic kinesthetic language is borne out of their life experiences, the love of the game and the music that moves them.


Whether you call it  Breakin', BBoyin', BGirlin' or simply Hip-Hop Dance, what we witness here is authentically Funky and Soulful.  These talented & expressive dancers strive to be "in the moment" and when it's good, what gets expressed in movement, is spirit-filled, awe-inspiring and explosive!

GV10 Press Release page


"This film took my knowledge of B-Boyin' / Hip-Hop to a whole other level."

--Salinda "Cyn" Carter


"Great representation of the art and shows the world that Hip-Hop IS an art form

that will NEVER die and that keeps on multiplying."

---Allana Muhammad



Voices From Da Hip-Hop Undaground (Part 1) documentary is an in-depth exploration of the process, thoughts,  raison 'etre, creative expressions and  paths taken by some of the most prolific, innovative and outrageous undaground Emcees, Filmmakers, Animators, Rappers, Urban Artists (working in various mediums) and outrageous and brilliant thinkers of our time.


Not limited by the constraints of  "commercialized" standards, these "creators"  have travelled diverse paths to development & articulation of their dynamic & impactful art form.

GV11 Press Release page


"In the GV11: The Hip-Hop Emcee Bob Bryan tells the story of one of the most creative yet most

misunderstood artists in music, the underground Hip-Hop emcee. Bryan traces the roots of the Hip-Hop from the raw essence of the Bronx all the way to its current dilemma of  “bling or not to bling”. The foundation of Hip-Hop is now on the verge of vanishing, as many think that “Hip-Hop has become pop”. However, as Bryan shows in his latest masterpiece, there are plenty of hungry emcees who want to keep the Rap Real.

Bryan also balances the sensitive issue of race by interviewing emcees of all ages, color and gender and people that know “you don’t have to live in the ghetto to empathize with the plight of America today”.

Rap has gone from regional to global, from the breakers on cardboard, to CEO’s in boardrooms.

GV11 paints a picture of the where the genre started, where it is, and where it is going, but as we all know now, how we get there is in the hands and the mic of the emcee."

---Jeffrey “The Rhymecologist” Walker, Emcee, Poet, Author, Teacher


“Voices from Da Hip-Hop Undaground IS AN EXTRAORDINARY,


----Anji Champagne Lloyd., Champagne Productions


"A brilliant work and worth rating as an UNDERGROUND CLASSIC. "

---MALICK NDIR, Thiès, Senegal



Abandoned buildings and desolate blank alley walls of our inner cities are routinely “fired-up” and transformed from disturbing neglected urban blight into artistically rendered urban murals and masterpieces or so-called “pieces.” Oftentimes, this ”rebel-art” reports to us what has happened overnight in our urban communities, almost like a daily newspaper. The subject matters various from political statements, lost love, futuristic ideation, identity reinforcement, transcendent existential philosophical reflections or simply a tragic yet beautiful RIP “portrait piece” dedicated to a fallen mate or family member killed in a drive-by shooting or crippled by a sudden fatal illness. Whatever the case, the mission of these creative artists are radically different and unlike the omnipresent internet blogs spitting out its daily dose of outrageous entertainment nonsense and/or silly personal neurotic obsessions. These artists are seriously dealing with Reality!


"I kept being reminded of the works of Keith Haring and Salvador Dali.  I guess in some ways all Art begins as Rebellion! The M.B.C. would be honored to add the program Graffiti Verite'  to our extensive collection of Award-Winning Documentaries."  - The Museum of Broadcast Communications


"If you regard Graffiti as defacement of property - something that Gentrification should erase -

You must see this video ! " - Eye Magazine, Underground News

The Artists that award-winning filmmaker Bob Bryan profiles in the Graffiti Verite’ Documentary Series are

some of our most outspoken, passionate, and talented young Aerosol Artists, Literary Poets and Spoken

Word Poets creating today.


Though working in different genres these Artists are all committed to deciphering & interpolating, in a public

way, the sometimes ridiculous state of their/our lives. They use Art as the weapon-of-choice, providing a

powerful outlet for their musings. They rebel against the “status quo” by refusing to be silent! 

"A mind-expanding experience in people's - as opposed to commercial culture."

- MSRRT Newsletter


"...The minority artists are so well represented and come across with such integrity, intelligence and cultural and artistic knowledge. This will do a great deal to help dispel the usually wrong impression that Graffiti Artists are Anti-Intellectual and unaware of anything other than their own wish to express themselves..."

- Andrew Connors National Museum, Smithsonian Institution

In the case of the Aerosol Artists, they are determined to avoid the negative connotations & condemnations that are routinely heaped upon those “Toys” (aka beginners), commonly known as Taggers “who just want to get their name up.” Unknown to many, these professional Spray Can Artists ply their art on canvases, multi-media installations, electronic art medias as well as, permitted (legal) walls.

While their intoxicating colorful murals can be found in the streets, “given away freely to the anonymous public;” paradoxically, their Artwork can also be appreciated in Art Museums, auctioned at high-end Art Galleries, and taken-in on the street  as commissioned billboards for Feature Films, backdrops for Operas, promotional ads for media giants Nike, Coca Cola, Cadillac and everything in-between. This brilliant street aesthetic has come to be emblematic & representative of the worldwide contemporary Pop Culture movement.

"Intelligent and in-depth.  It's Art!... from Gallery shows to the stuff on the streets.

Graffiti Verite' is sure to open your eyes."  - Juxtapoz Magazine


"Filmmaker Bob Bryan offers a revealing glimpse into the world of Los Angeles Graffiti Artists who use

public areas as an Urban Art Gallery for the masses."

- Documental, Experimental Film & Video Series

The ROLLER GURL Documentary is here.  A complicated “Game-Time” love affair... 

In GV13 OLLER GURL,  multi award-winning indie filmmaker, Bob Bryan probes the “serious” yet gritty reality behind over 3 dozen Derby women who have chosen to adopt super–hero and in some cases anti-hero personas and attitudes to play this exciting, hard-hitting and incredibly difficult and fast-paced action sport!   


GV13  Webpage     GV13 Reviews      Press Release

GV12 WAYANG KULIT: Shadow Puppet Theater of Bali - Located just 8 degrees south of the equator and 2 miles east of Java is an Indonesian Island so celebrated in legend that the mere mention of its name conjures up images of mystery and excitement. That magical place is Bali, Indonesia.   Travelling 1/2 way around the world to a completely different culture, multi award-winning filmmaker Bob Bryan discovered the fantastic Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet Theater. 


In this wonderful presentation, Bob shares the  live shadow play (performed in it’s entirety on-location in Bali, Indonesia) for all of us to  experience and enjoy! …


GV12 Press Release

Additional  Bonus Feature:  INDONESIAN PARADISE BALI (Travel Documentary)

GRAFFITI VERITE' READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL  is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV2 FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION? is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV3 A VOYAGE INTO THE ICONOGRAPHY OF GRAFFITI ART is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV7 RANDOM URBAN STATIC is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV6 THE ODYSSEY: Poets, Passion & Poetry is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.


GV7 RANDOM URBAN STATIC: The Iridescent Equations of SPOKEN WORD. Filmmaker Bob Bryan has proudly unveiled his seventh powerful installment in his multi award-winning Graffiti Verite' Docu-Series entitled GV7. 

Released in two (2) versions:  An Unofficially Rated "G" Version for General Audiences, Schools and Libraries and the Original Unedited Version for those who do not mind some “raw street vernacular.”  Both versions will have a Running time of two (2) hours.


GV7 returns to the enigmatic world of Poetry. This time around he retrieves the perspectives of fifteen (15) uniquely talented poets involved in the world of SPOKEN WORD. From Grand-Slam Champions to Open-Mic Veterans, GV7 crosses all philosophical, racial, and social lines becoming the quintessential SPOKEN WORD documentary!





GV5  Independent filmmaker Bob Bryan took his camera on the road (in search of Hip-Hop) to the Heartland of America. "I figured if Hip-Hop exists here, then it's pretty much everywhere! " Bob was invited to document a historic four (4) day Hip-Hop Summer Workshop conducted at Metro High School, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa which resulted in Graffiti Verite’ 5 (GV5): The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop.

According to Jim Jacobmeyer, Art Instructor at Metro High School  

“Hip-hop culture is alive and well in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and we invited Bob

to come down to Cedar Rapids  to discover  how a local alternative High School

was using the four (4) elements of Hip-hop to integrate the visual and

performing arts into one summer program.”   



GV5  Press Release  page

GV4 BASIC TECHNIQUES FOR CREATING GRAFFITI ART ON WALLS & CANVAS is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.




 “Writing & Game Design from an Alternate Perspective”













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In this amazing One-on-One interview,  award-winning filmmaker Bob Bryan takes us behind the veil with uber talented  Transmedia Giant Flint Dille. “With Transformers, we had to turn toys into a  TV Show”, says Flint Dille. Here, Flint is spontaneously brilliant, informative,  hilarious, vulnerable and completely open about sharing intimate details about his life and his practical and disciplined approach to professional Writing and

Game Design.



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In GV21 THE WANDA COLEMAN PROJECT: Genius. (period) multi award-winning filmmaker Bob Bryan features “One of the Major Writers of her Generation.” Mr. Bryan  interviews brilliant Poet / Writer / Journalist Wanda Coleman, author of over  20 books (The Riot Inside Me, Mercurochrome, Heavy Daughter Blues, Mad Dog  Black Lady, etal.) 


Genius. (period) is a “must-see” interview if you’ve ever loved the writings of  Wanda Coleman or if you’re interested in finding out what her beautiful life,  poetic conceptual process and philosophy of creative writing was all about.  THE WANDA COLEMAN PROJECT DVD includes interview plus Poetry  Readings. 80 mins  of raw, unadulterated magic!



(Running Time:  100 mins. ) is ready for its close-up.


 TIME CAPSULE (circa 1995)…  GV27: GRAFFITI VERITE' REDUX celebrates and commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the worldwide indie release of  GRAFFITI VERITE': Read the Writing on the Wall. With Original never-seen-before interviews, footage and Artwork GV27 reconnects with the creative energy and zeitgeist of that fertile period in Los Angeles' Urban Art History, when Graffiti was everywhere!


20 years ago (1995) the documentary GRAFFITI VERITE': Read the Writing on the Wall  was released. It was produced and directed by filmmaker Bob  Bryan. The objective was to document the diverse & complex Graffiti Art movement on the West Coast, Los Angeles, California. We exceeded our expectations! GRAFFITI VERITE' became a Multi Award-Winning cultural tour d' force. A definitive statement that spoke of Graffiti as a legitimate Artistic expression had now arrived on the Art Scene and could no longer be ignored, berated or\ relegated to the fringes of polite Art society.  (continue)

GV28 WHO AM  I? Wisdom From The Bones


Featuring Luis J. Rodriguez 

Official Poet Laureate of Los Angeles


Running Time:  77 mins.


GV28 WHO AM I? Wisdom From The Bones  explores the complex psyche' of a flawed but incredibly talented and prolific artist in an intimate no holds barred one-on-one interview format conducted by the filmmaker. Also integrated into this special presentation is Rodriguez's dramatic readings of his unforgettable poetic works, performed in emotionally evocative settings.   Luis J. Rodriguez has written more than 21 memoirs, novels, poetry books and anthologies to date.

GV28 is now available on  continue 

GV29 A Meditation: Women The Power Paradigm

Running Time:  76 mins. 

As  part of the GV Docu-Series, Executive Producer /  Filmmaker Bob Bryan proudly presents GV29 A Meditation: Women The Power Paradigm.  A must-see film, GV29 examines the perspectives and attitudes of six (6) unusual women on a quest for finding emotional, professional and Artistic fulfillment. These amazingly talented women have designed for themselves a methodology for achieving their goals of self-realization, regardless of life’s omnipresent challenges and unpredictability.  

GV31 LONELY BROTHA  represents many tragic intimate issues to people of all races, sex, affiliations, backgrounds, nationality and pathologies. Do we dare care to understand the moment-to-moment struggles of the chronically mentally depressed and confused?... LONELY BROTHA is a snapshot about a man swallowed up within a cycle of an inexplicable and inescapable emotional / psychological dystopian psychic nightmare. He feels like there is NO EXIT and NO HOPE.  The idea of Relief is a myth which rarely crosses his obsessive compulsive mind-set.   Continue

  LONELY BROTHA  Film Reviews   |  Press Release

In  GV30 WEAPONIZE REALITY,  Filmmaker Bob Bryan probes, confronts and allows SHANG to be as Raw as he wants to be.  A thrilling ride from top to bottom!   Continue


 GV30 Press Release  |  GV30 Film Reviews

 “Truly great madness cannot be achieved

without significant intelligence.”  

 -  Henrik Tikkanen 

© 1995 - 2019  Bryan World Productions.   All Rights Reserved.

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GV32 “YOU” /  “MY DESIRES BECAME A COMPULSIVE DRIVE” – A new poetic experience from multi award-winning Filmmaker  & Poet Bob Bryan.

“Another riveting and mysterious contribution by artist, performer and poet filmmaker Bob Bryan. The beauty of this poem is that the viewer can consider, ponder and experience it and form their own conclusions; the ultimate experience in artistic and receptive freedom. When we are all tormented by conflicting voices that leverage for expression in our bodies, and minds, this poem experience gives voice to their disorder, their mystery and their power. It’s so good!” - Theresa Kennedy Dupay   Continue

  GV32  Film Reviews   |   Press Release



GRAFFITI VERITE' READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL  is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV3 A VOYAGE INTO THE ICONOGRAPHY OF GRAFFITI ART is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV4 BASIC TECHNIQUES FOR CREATING GRAFFITI ART ON WALLS & CANVAS is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV7 RANDOM URBAN STATIC is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV8 THE FIFTH ELEMENT: The Art of the Beat-Boxer is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV9 SOULFUL WAYS: The DJ is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment  is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV11 Don't Believe da Noize! Voices from da Hip-Hop Undaground is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV2 FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION? is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.GV6 THE ODYSSEY: Poets, Passion & Poetry is now available on DVD and for Online Downloading.


IMPRESSIONS Mag of the Arts

GV6 THE ODYSSEY: Poets, Passion & Poetry. "If you can buy only one poetry program this year, buy this odyssey of 31 poets who read, rant, and philosophize about what they do. This treasure trove of contemporary poets spans all ages and ethnicities—just having them together here is exciting.


Each poet is articulate and passionate. Viewers who already love poetry will be grateful to have so much solid poetry at hand and hear it read so well by its creators. Those new to poetry or unfamiliar with the art will get a gentle and stimulating education. High school and college students, as well as adults, should respond well to the film as there is so much here to discuss and explore.


The bonus features include complete readings. Recommended for all collections. Poetry lives here!"



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