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"Reading, Writing And Rapping"

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- If a documentary filmmaker who specializes in hip-hop has his way, school kids' basic education will consist of reading, writing, 'rithmetic and rapping.

Bob Bryan is putting the finishing touches on a curriculum guide that shows teachers how to instruct their students on the finer points of rapping, DJing, graffiti art and break dancing.

"The Hip-Hop Curriculum Teachers Workshop Guide" suggests classroom activities such as taking spray paint cans to canvases for a lesson in what Bryan calls "aerosol art."

He says the art of hip-hop is a subject that should be studied much like art or art history. In addition, teachers in other disciplines, like science, can use hip-hop concepts to teach students other subjects.

For example, a math teacher could use a basketball -- part of a sport favored by many hip-hopppers -- to teach fractions.

Bryan says teachers in towns across the U.S. are already requesting the guide and accompanying video, "Graffiti Verite’ 5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop".
In his words, "you know it will be the most exciting class in school.”

 GV5 Reviews

" Bob, I really enjoyed your video!  It had some great dialogue in it from the kids, as well as, the adults.  I think that you brilliantly captured a candid view of today’s ‘American kid’.

Although all students aren’t into hip-hop, you were able to show kids communicating on a level that any average teen can relate to, whether they are Hip-hop heads, Preps, Thrashers’ or Goth’s.

 I really like your work, and I will definitely refer to you and your work in my seminars. I’m excited to see Hip-Hop ‘come of age’ where we are able now to tell our own story, and you are representing very well. "

 Peace & Blessings Bob!                      - Fred, Richardson TX

"Bob, certainly you have hit at a subject matter that lies at the core of "WHO" our youth are today, and from what direction their perspective as the new adults are springing from. Those who cannot see the proverbial ' writing on the walls ' are truly blind and possibly destined to be left behind by the certain arriving future that is influenced by the Hip-Hop experience, as expressed through graffiti art. Thanks to your insights and continued efforts there is a growing awareness in America of her youth, the complex relationship they have developed with graffiti art and Hip-Hop, how that will influence the future and how it can be harnessed as a tool of ultimate teaching and learning to create a better world."                                            -Glenn Towery, Filmmaker, Los Angeles CA
"Dear Mr. Bryan, thank you for the incredible work you have done in educating the public about graf art and culture.  I am an art teacher in an alternative high school in Lincoln Nebraska and I look forward to acquiring your hip hop culture curriculum.  My students have brought the importance of inquiry into this culture to me and I promised them I would further my knowledge and skill in addressing these issues of popular culture.  Thanks again for all your hard work.  I will be checking your website for more information on how to obtain the GV video and its accompanying curriculum."
Peace Out!!                                      -Jen (Lincolnn NE, Art Teacher)
"Hi. I  just wanted to say that your soon-to-be-released video and curiculum guide sound fabulous. I am an art teacher at a high school in the Baltimore area and I am really looking forward to seeing / implementing your project in my class room. I have always had an interest in graffiti and it is an important part of the lives and lifestyles of many of my students. Because of the negative reputation that graffiti has in our community, often being linked to gang signia, it can be difficult to approach the subject as an art assignment.

Many other faculty members see this as promoting vandalism. I therefore have stuck to more accepted public artists such as Keith Haring (showing his murals and explaining his philosophies on public art are good excuses to show photos of contemporary graff artists and draw connections between them).

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am definitely looking forward to obtaining a copy of your work. Thanks."                                      -Erin, Art teacher Baltimore, MD


Graffiti Verite' 5 (GV5) $33.95 includes PPR and S&H.  Regular Price (No PPR &23.95 includes S&H)OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE FOR GV5 AND TEACHERS GUIDE

Cedar Rapids Gazette Article on Bob Bryan and GV5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop
Part One:
Part Two:

Graffiti Verite' 5 (GV5) will pre-screen at the Waterloo, Iowa Center for the Arts on September 26 and 27th, 2003.   Filmmaker Bob Bryan will be in attendance and a Question & Answer session will follow. GV5 Running Time: 42 minutes

Loida Mariano, Account Executive
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Los Angeles, CA 90004

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Multi-Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Releases a Bold and Innovative Educational Documentary that brings Hip-Hop into USA Classrooms
Los Angeles, CA -- Multi award-winning Independent filmmaker Bob Bryan takes his camera on the road (in search of Hip-Hop) to the Heartland of America. "I figured if Hip-Hop exists here, then it's pretty much everywhere! " Bob was invited to document a historic four (4) day Hip-Hop Summer Workshop conducted at Metro High School, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa which resulted in Graffiti Verite’ 5 (GV5): The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop.
According to Jim Jacobmeyer, Art Instructor at Metro High School GV5 - Jim Jacobmeyer Speaks - Breaking it Down in the Middle: Pop and Hip-Hop,  Hip-hop culture is alive and well in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and we invited Bob, to come to CR  to find-out how a local alternative High School was using the elements of Hip-hop to integrate the visual and performing arts into their summer program.
"Our summer school  workshop was inspired by Bob Bryan's  first documentary on Graffiti Art called Graffiti Verite’ , a collection of interviews done with West Coast Graffiti artists.  The artists talked about Graffiti as being a part of a culture, which included the elements of graffiti art, dance, music and poetry.  We liked the idea of this mix. We knew this idea would appeal to our students."  - Jim Jacobmeyer, Art Instructor at Metro High School
In the just released documentary Graffiti Verite’ 5 (GV5): The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop Mr. Bryan was able to capture the excitement of this innovative hands-on workshop. What emerges is a portrait of the educational value and liberating therapeutic power contained within the unique elements of the contemporary Hip-hop movement. Turntablism (DJing), Break-dancing, MC'ing (Rappin') and Graffiti Art are the four (4) Hip-Hop elements used in what Bob sees as a multifaceted communications modality and dynamic educational learning system.
"I knew there was a great misconception about what Hip-Hop was really all about, partially due to the massive negative propaganda generated by the media. The public relations problem with Hip-Hop is that only the stereotypical bling-bling, darker, sinister and negative aspects of certain outrageous lifestyles are given airplay.The beautiful positive poetry, music, dance and art of young people focusing upon identity, self-esteem, community, social issues and their future are rarely, if ever, given an opportunity to exist in the public dialogue of ideas.  In GV5 I wanted to take a closer look at the facts. It turns out that the four elements of Hip-Hop, if used creatively, can give our educators an invaluable tool to bridge the communications and learning dyslexia that exist between students, educators and the 4R's. It’s time to explore this type of multi-intelligence model and integrate its positive potential usefulness into the curriculum, as a method of connecting with today's youth."  -Bob Bryan, Director
"Hip-Hop High School" - The Wave Article on GV5 and director Bob Bryan
The Gazette News Article on GV5:
The Gazette Part Two:
GV5 - Jim Jacobmeyer Speaks - Breaking it Down in the Middle: Pop and Hip-Hop
GV5 Photos - On Location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Paco Rosic and Metro Students
Please contact Loida Mariano at: for acquisition information about
GV5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop Mail Order Page
*** Special Note - Please feel free to redirect this Press Release to Art Instructors and Program Coordinators who may have an interest in the integrating the Graffiti Verite' Documentary Series into their Visual Arts Education programs. We'll be happy to work with them in order to get them the program information they require.

        GV5 will be released simultaneously along with The Hip-Hop Curriculum Teachers Workshop Guide (sold separately), inspired by the brilliant observations of the Multiple Intelligences Theory and the realization of the obvious differences in students learning styles.


PACO ROSIC (, the famed Waterloo, Iowa resident (Paco's Photos), GV5 video-cover designer (see above) and featured Graffiti Artist in GV5, will be on hand at the Pre-Screening in Waterloo, as well as, the Official Premiere in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on the 28th of September.

Waterloo, Iowa  Appearance of Bob Bryan, Screening GV4Page One (Symposium Schedule / Keynote Speakers)
Page Two (Film Screenings)
Page Three (Keynote Speakers Bio)
Page Four (The Speakers)
GV5 Waterloo Newspaper Article
GV5 Waterloo Courier Article (Cover)
GV5 Waterloo Article (Sept. 25, 2003)
GV5 Waterloo Hometowner Article

Waterloo Center for the Arts
225 Commercial Street
Waterloo, Iowa 50701

Phone (319) 291.4490
Fax (319) 291.4270

Sept 26-27, 2003
Waterloo Center for the Arts - PROGRAMS &aamp; EVENTS

Friday, 9/26
Film Screenings 7 pm
Panama Deception, Barbara Trent- Producer/Director
Graffiti Verite 5, Bob Bryan- Producer/Director
Planetfall, Mike Heagle- Producer/Director

Saturday, 9/27
Symposium 9 am - 5 pm

Keynote Speakers

Bob Bryan - Graffiti Verite' 5
Multi-Award winning Filmmaker Bob Bryan will discuss his most recent production of Graffiti Verite 5. GV5 reflects all the elements of the urban Hip-hop movement, as well as its relevant history.

Barbara Trent - The Economics of Censorship
Academy Award winning filmmaker Barbara Trent, actively tours, screening her films and lecturing on civic responsibility, censorship, public and foreign policy, filmmaking, and activism.

Session Presenters
INFLUENTIAL IMPACT: The Cyclization of Black Films
Steven Torriano Berry
Award winning filmmaker & Associate Professor, Department of Radio, Television, and Film - Howard University

Notes Towards a History
Francesca Soans
Independent filmmaker & Coordinator, Waterloo Public Access Television

Michael Heagle
Filmmaker/Co-founder of Car School Film-O-Rama, & Instructor of Visual Effects - Art Institute International Minnesota
Elijah Drenner

The Official Premiere of GV5 will be at Beems Auditorium at the Cedar Rapids Public Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
on September 28th 2003. GV5 was shot primarily on locations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and a few locations in Los Angeles,CA.
For more info on the CR premiere, please contact Jim Jacobmeyer.
GV5 Premiere Limosine Photos
GV5 Metro H.S. Hip Hop Summer Workshop Graduation Photos

Cedar Rapids Public Library
Beems Auditorium
GV5 Premiere Flyer
500 1st ST SE
Cedar Rapids, IA
For more information on GV5 or Bob Bryan:

Contact Tel. No: 323/856-9256
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Both The Hip-Hop Curriculum Teachers Workshop Guide  and companion Documentary GV5 will both be available (purchased separately) for distribution to schools and libraries by distribution agents assigned by Bryan World Productions, LLC., September, 2003.

For more information contact:
Bob Bryan
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Los Angeles, CA 90004
web site:
News Article on GV5,   Part Two
Tel:  323 / 856-9256
Fax: 323 / 856-0855
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