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"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct,

or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.

Because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions,

and only lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new."

-- Niccolo Machiavelli (The Prince, 1513)

Press Release

For Immediate Release 

Filmmaker Bob Bryan announces the Official Launch of


for Educators and Librarians  (TM)

Los Angeles, Calif., / BWP News /---THE HIP-HOP EDUCATIONAL REVIEW (TM) is exclusively dedicated  to the development of a **dialectical bridge between Educators, Librarians and the Hip-hop Entertainment Community. 
**Dialectical (di e lek‘ ti k‘l) adj- definition -Webster‘s New World Dictionary:

" The art or practice of examining opinions or ideas logically, often by the method of question and answer. It is based on the principle that an idea or event (thesis) generates its opposite (antithesis) leading to a reconciliation of opposites (Synthesis). The general application of this principle in analysis, criticism, exposition, etc."

    The unique concept of The HIP-HOP Educational Review for Educators and Librarians (TM) is the brainchild of Filmmaker Bob Bryan, creator of the Multi-Award Winning Graffiti Verite’ Documentary Video Series ( For Bryan, the fundamental issue at stake here is understanding that the most important component in communications is the unfettered enthusiastic ongoing dialogue between parties. To that end, Educators and Librarians are invited to review selected works by well-known commercially successful artists, as well as, lesser known up-and-coming underground Hip-hop artists. In this forum they will be expressing their honest opinions and / or apprehension on the educational value and relevance of the reviewed material in relation to their current Educational environment. These invaluable opinions will be based upon their experiences, Educational Curriculum goals, as well as, it‘s changing scholastic landscape and target audience.


"We're not looking for a group of intellectual snobs and Hip-hop haters who'll try and use this forum as an opportunity to put down what they don't really understand. Rather, we're looking for open-minded communicators (educators) who are eager to involve themselves creatively, emotionally and intellectually in the complex

human drama that plays out within the world of Hip-hop. I must add however that this Review Forum will not be sanctuary for the thin-skinned Hip-hop true believer. We will be approaching Hip-hop with the comprehension of it's entertainment value, as well as,

it's Educational and Communication potential. In the end, I hope we can have  some fun with it, while exposing some raw talent and daring to learn something about each other. This is all about software, programming, education and change," shares Bob.

    THE HIP-HOP EDUCATIONAL REVIEW (TM) encourages feedback from the general public, as well as, the reviewed artists themselves.  We feel that there is great value in discussing the various reference points of views, intentions and goals of each party’s voice within this dialectical incubator. 
    In the past, Educators and Librarians have had difficulty in assessing the value of most Hip-hop material.  Historically, they’ve discovered that if they were to use the reviews of the traditional mass media reviewers, the inherent commercial bias and programming concerns would prevent them from getting a more objective assessment of the materials in consideration for their specialized needs.    Others have failed to see Hip-hop modality as a 
Multi-Intelligence communications paradigm and are unfortunately blind to its potential as a teaching and learning tool.

    By using the talents of other respected Educators and Librarians to review selected materials,  they will have a more well-informed and trusted source for suggesting the integration of the Hip-hop Resource Materials into the school curriculum and libraries around the country. The advantage to the Hip-hop artist is that they will gain much needed media exposure and specifically crafted opinion feedback that will give them a gauge by which to draw upon when or if they decide to target their work to the highly prized and respected  Educational Marketplace . 

    THE HIP-HOP EDUCATIONAL REVIEW (TM)  will review all DVD, CD and Interactive Game products that are related to the Five (5) elements of Hip-Hop. These elements include Beat-boxing, Breakdancing (B-Boy Dancing), DJing (Turntablism), Graffiti Art (Urban Hieroglyphics) and MC’ing (Rap). These Sacred Elements of Hip-hop (TM) may be depicted and expressed within the formats of :


· Artwork (Paintings, Murals, Artifacts, Sculpture)

· Concert (DVD)

· Documentary (DVD)

· Fashion Trends (Designer Clothes, Casual & Sports Attire, Shoes etc.)

· Instructional Video (DVD)

· Music Video (DVD)

· Novels / Biographies / Screenplays

· Record Album (CD)

· Television Show (DVD)

· Theatrical Movie presentation (DVD)

· Video Games (CD Roms etc.)


    All vendors, Publicists, Marketing & Promotion Professionals interested in having their Artists reviewed by T.H.H.E.R. are requested to please send us a complete Publicity Package which should include:


Artist’ History and related articles

· Distributors Info

· Management Info

· Photos

· Press Release

· Pricing

· Product to be reviewed

· Record Company

· The Release date

· Where can the item be purchased?


    Due to the volume of product being reviewed, Independent Artists, Distributors, Motion Picture / TV Studios, Record Companys, Vendors and Publicists should please allow 4-6 weeks for the product review to be published on the Graffiti Verite’ website upon receipt. There is no implied guarantee that submitted products will be selected for review.

For information on how to contribute as an Hip-hop Educational Reviewer, please contact Loida.

We're currently looking for:


· Artists

· Art teachers

· Authors

· Community Activists

· Dance Instructors

· Educational Administrators

· Educational Therapists

· Fashion Designers

· Filmmakers

· General Education Teachers

· Guidance Counselors

· Hip-hop Artists

· Librarians

· Music Producers

· Music Teachers

· Poets

· Psychologists

· Professional Reviewers

· Religious Leaders

· School Board Members

· Social Anthropologists

· Sociologists

· Student Teachers

· General Public (the audience)


Sponsors and Advertisers interested in supporting this Review

should also contact Loida Mariano.


For Educators and Librarians

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